Caring for Your Golf Bag

Golf bags are very expensive and are meant to last you for a long time, but improper handling and not taking care of it can shorten its lifetime. Taking care of your golf bags and making sure that you use them appropriately will save you a lot of money. There are things you can do to make sure that your golf bags stay in top condition, so you can save your money for when you truly need to buy a new one.

Carrying bags around can be tiresome, especially if your bag is a bit on the bulky side, but that is no excuse to drop it on the ground the first chance you get. Not only will you damage your golf clubs, but it may also cause tear in the compartments of your golf bag.

If your bag is a stand bag, make sure to take extra care in handling it, as carelessness can destroy the tripod on your bag and will prevent it from standing upright.

If you are using a golf cart, make sure that your golf bag is properly secured inside to prevent it from falling. There have been several casualties among bags and clubs that were caused by falling off a speeding golf cart; do not let yours be one of them.

Do not keep wet clothes or towels inside your bag; if you do, make sure to remove them as soon as possible. This can create moisture inside your bag and may cause unpleasant odor and can gradually weaken the material of your bag. Golf clubs stored in moist places can also rust, so make sure to wipe your clubs before storing them away. Similarly, store your bag in a cool, dry place, as not doing so can damage it.

Golf BagLook for a bag that is waterproof, as rain can do serious damage to your bag, and may weaken the stitching and cause the fabric to tear easier. You can also make use of rain covers if you cannot find a waterproof bag. This provides fantastic protection against dirt, grime, and rain.

Take note of damaged zippers and if you do notice one, make sure to have it fixed as soon as you can. Not only are damaged zippers frustrating to use, but if neglected, can cause unfixable damage to your bag.

Getting dirt on your bags is inevitable, no matter how hard you try to protect it, which means cleaning it is also inevitable.Never attempt to wash it using a washing machine. Golf bags are meant to be cleaned by hand, and doing otherwise will not only damage your bag, but will also damage your machine.

Start cleaning by removing all the contents of your bag. Check every compartment to make sure that nothing is stored inside. Turn it upside down and shake it to make sure that no debris is left.Use mild soap and water, and then combine it into a solution. Lightly spray your bag with a sprinkler or a hose to get it wet.

Golf BagsDip a brush or a clean rag into the soap solution and proceed to clean the bag thoroughly. Be careful to not overdo it on the velvet material and the embroidery, as this is the most common cleaning mistake, and will deteriorate the material if not done right. Your bag might come with cleaning instructions, and depending on its material, may require special cleaning methods.

Rinse your bag thoroughly and make sure that all stains are gone. For stubborn stains, use a mild stain remover. Do not use harsh fabric stain removers as it can ruin the color or destroy the fabric.After rinsing, air-dry your bag, but make sure to let it stay out of the sun to prevent fading. Leave it overnight or until it completely dries before using it again.

Proper care for your golf bag will help keep your golf bags strong for as long as it can. While wear and tear will eventually get your bag, making sure it lives as long as its lifespan will let you have your money’s worth.

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