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Why every coward out there should blog?


” I’m scared and I’m a coward. Why then, you guys want to see me fighting? Can’t you leave me alone?”. Is this your attitude? Then, it’s high time, you change your view-points and get evolved as a courageous person in this world as “It is the coward that sneaks to death while the brave live on.” For a non-confident person blog is a powerful tool to evolve into a better individual by boosting one’s own confidence, patch out your usual and sometimes silly mistakes, get feedback and evolve. See the below points and judge whether you should be blogging or not.

girl hiding for being a coward


  • Blogging is a platform to shout out your views (sometimes anonymously )
  • Get connected and evolve into a better social-being
  • Research and develop your knowledge base
  • Refines your language and communication skills

Let’s try to see things in a broader perspective.

A platform to express

If you are too coward, first try expressing your views through offline (via. Social media and blogs).  Expressing things offline, provided one has got a quite good amount of followers, will grab you opportunities to speak more. Gradually, on the course of time, you will also start expressing things online too. Blogging can be thought of as platform to ignite your confidence which hopefully would burn the fear inside you into ashes.

Develop a quality called ‘social-mingling’

We are social-beings. So, obviously we need to interact with others in the society. Once you get some sincere followers for your blog, make sure that you value them. A good commenting system is a must so that your followers and you can interact. For wordpress bloggers, you could try a plugin called “Meet your commenters“. Social interaction will not help you to learn “Behaving”, but will also help in getting blog-traffic.

Get feedback even from a small following of the blog

At times, you can express your views on some happenings through blog (Only do it, if your’s is a personal blog. Otherwise, it might result in losing traffic.). You can easily get opinions on your views by promoting your post on social media. Some of your friends may support and some may even come up conflicting perspectives. But all these help to evolve you as a better individual. Social media is so powerful these days that there are sometimes anti-campaigns going through facebook against some governmnet policies and all. Use blog to reveal your trueself if needed. It might turn beneficial for the society.

More knowledge means Less fear to speak-out

Now, what’s that factor which makes a person coward. It’s basically due to being ignorant. A feeling that “I really don’t have much knowledge” can cause a fear in everything we do as we are not confident and we suspect that what we doing is not right. Knowledge is a weapon which can kill this fear. Learning more things will gain one, the power to speak with authority.

Coward quotographic

Source of Motivation

Motivation can eradicate the unknown and unclear fear from a coward’s mind. Blogging earns you really affectionate and potential friends whom will stop inspiring you. I tell you, if you are  so lucky, you will stumble upon some really good guys who will never let you down and keeps on backing you whenever you went some necessary bad-patches in your blogging career. And, this is indeed, one of the significant  secret benefit you earn by blogging.


These all definitely points out the positives a coward can gain from blogging. Ultimately, I would like to conclude by telling that every coward should blog ! Yup, that’s one of the many reasons why I blog :-P

PS: I hope you know that I don’t blog these days. So, I too would like to hear something from you people to evolve as a better blogger as well as on how to be consistent on blogging.

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2 Responses to “Why every coward out there should blog?”

  1. dawnstreaks
    September 19, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    thanks for the motivation:)

  2. October 9, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    Blogging definitely builds your confidence. And not just because you develop your ideas and writing skills. By interacting with other bloggers who share you views, you learn that you are not alone.

    That sense of having support from others is important, because the act of blogging itself is solitary. And commenters can be very nasty indeed — particularly in the political blogging niche. But if you keep at it those criticisms help you grow a think skin, and you’ll eventually end up writing without fear.

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