Factors to Consider in Shopping for a Misting Fan That’s Right for You

MistingShopping for misting fans has never been more fun since different innovations were introduced. You can choose based on the capacity, price, style, user-friendliness, and on other factors. There will always be one or more misting fans that can fit into your preferences. However, choosing the best Misting Fan for you will be a time-consuming process if you don’t know what factors you are going to consider. To streamline the process, the following are the factors you need to consider when choosing from different options:



You have to test the speed of three things in misting fans. These are the speed of the oscillation, the speed of fan blades, and the speed in the production of mist.

When it comes to oscillation of the Misting Fan, it doesn’t have to be so fast or so slow. This is the best way to achieve a cool environment and for you to feel cool instantly. If the fan stays in a while in front of you, it will make you feel cool. After that, it will cool your surroundings. This is advantageous if you are having an activity outdoors and indoors. Activities that can take advantage of this oscillation speed include gardening, swimming in your backyard pool, grilling barbecue outdoors, as well as having an outdoor party.


Meanwhile, the speed of the fan blades and mist production are the factors that affect the speed of cooling. You can modify the rotational speed of the fan blades but you can’t do that with the production of mist. In mist production, the main factor determining the speed is dependent on the technology used for the cooling equipment. The faster the fan blades’ rotation and mist production, the faster it will cool the environment and you as well.



A Misting Fan’s capacity refers to the distance that the fan can cool in a single operation. This should be one of your prime considerations because you are likely to use it outside. You should decide depending on the size of your backyard or other rooms where you want to use the cooling equipment.


If you opt for misting fans that could reach only short distances, then you need to use additional cooling equipment for the areas not covered by a mist fan. Meanwhile, the advantages of far-reaching misting fans include cooling a considerable area, cutting your expenses from additional electric consumption caused by inadequate cooling, and a cooler environment for more users.



fast MistingMisting fans are more complex than standard electric fans. This is due to the several settings that you can manipulate to get your desired temperature. Standard ones can let you choose for the speed of oscillation and rotation of the fan blades. With misting fans, you can modify that speed together with the kind of mist you want to receive from your Misting Fan. It could be dry mist. You may opt for some large droplets of water as well.


Refilling Requirements

Misting fans need water to produce mist. That explains the presence of reservoir in most models. The refilling requirements depend on the size of the reservoir. Some models need to be refilled after 5 to 8 hours of usage. Some of the latest models don’t need refilling at all. These models require a hose connected to your faucet though. As a consequence, the usage of these models can be pricier.


Size and Style

If you are bothered about the aesthetics of your home, then decide on the size and style of the mist fan you want to use. These days, they come in different colors. These can blend well in different home interiors.

You can also consider the warranty and price if you want to make the most out of your budget. It will be best if your Misting Fan has warranty coverage of one year for workmanship and the equipment.