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Five High-Tech Gifts Sure To Bring Holiday Cheer

holiday gift ideas

With the world gearing up for the holiday season, people across the globe are looking for innovative gifting ideas in order to plan a surprise gift for their near and dear ones. However, this time around you can plan for something different than the usual routine. With so many technological innovations happening everyday and so many easy-to-afford gadgets being introduced, you can easily plan for some high-tech gifts for your near and dear ones. Honestly saying, no one is going to dislike the idea of receiving a gadget instead of the usual dresses for Christmas.

tech gift iphone christmas holiday

Check out this cool list for some innovative ideas.

iPhone 5

Apple’s latest product has been a huge hit among consumers belonging to multiple age groups. Ingrained with features like 4-inch retina display, ultrafast wireless in-built A6 chip meant to make performance and graphics better and lightning fast iSight camera makes it a viable option. Moreover the presence of software like iCloud and several other in-built apps helps make your smart phone experience even better. All the programs run on the latest iOS 6.

Hanss Acoustics T-30 Turntable

With the number of music enthusiasts landing on the higher side, the option of digital downloads is definitely going to be a hit. Unlike the VCR, the Hanss Acoustics T-30 Turntable hasn’t been left unedited. This one includes a 10kg magnetic platter which has the ability to float above the base for friction-free, smooth playback and six silicone belts that sit on opposite sides and wraps around the platter providing it stability. The T-30 contains fittings for two tone arms which can be based on your own choice. The feet are magnetically cushioned in order to prevent vibration. The whole system is available for a price of around $4,600: which is reason enough for you to explore this option. If your near and dear ones are serious about sound, you may well find it worth the money.

Lomography Lomokino Movie Camera

Lomography’s new Lomokino movie camera is as revolutionary as it is retro. The camera makes use of a full roll of 35mm to film and record silent movies that can take you back to the golden age of 8mm home videos. Even though processing the film might not be such a cheap option for those who have movie making as a hobby. The camera itself will only cost you $79, and the optional Kinoscope viewer clocks come at an additional $99.

Raspberry Pi Computer

The Raspberry Pi is a computer worth $25 and is designed to attract kids into the complex world of programming spontaneously. The idea is to fill the skill-gap, get kids attracted to the field of computer science and prepare them for programming jobs at a later stage in their life. The computer has an in-built processor of 700MHz, 128MB RAM and accesses Linux from an SD card.

UP Plus 3D Printer

Last but not the least, an UP Plus 3D Printer can come at a price of $2,500 and has the ability of printing monotine ABS plastic. It comes with multi-coloured, multi-flavoured gel ink which can be definitely prove to be an ideal gift.

All these options are easily available in the market and can make Christmas gifting a unique occasion.

This guest post is authored by Richard Hill. He provides useful technology suggestions through his posts. He is also working with mobilephones.org.uk to provide the best deal along with your favorite phone.

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