Agrees that Portable Storage Containers Provide More than Just Investment Opportunities

Storage containers have come a long way from their standard use in the moving industry. More than serving as what their name suggests, their uses have now evolved into something more creative. These containers are now used as temporary classrooms, field offices and storage areas for hazardous chemicals. As their primary accomplishment in the modern days, these vessels are now even used to create houses – commonly referred as tiny houses.

mobile-storage-unitsHence, it is right to conclude that portable storage containers truly provide different investment opportunities in various industries. For us, the experts at, these vessels provide more than just investment opportunities. They also give experts in different industries something to innovate on, to be creative. Below is a list of innovations made that could prove that.

Funky Bars and Cafes

It has become a habit for people to go to bars and cafes during break times. More often than not, people choose to spend their time here not just for a coffee boost, but also for its relaxing ambience. Now, modern times have given people more reason to visit such establishments, especially those built using storage containers.

The concept is still new, however, more and more starting bars and cafes are now being built with the same material, such as the Burger Bear. If that is not proof enough, just look at the increasing number of Starbucks storage container cafes in America. The fact that storage containers are eco-friendly is a plus for the said establishment.

Storage Container Swimming Pools

It is common knowledge that storage containers have evolved into a versatile house-building material. It was not so much a surprise when the first swimming pool built from a storage container created such a buzz.

What is more interesting is storage containers are way more inexpensive than above ground pools – if ever that is what you have in mind – of similar length. In fact, you can save up to 30% by choosing this option. More importantly, you have customized storage containers to include on your options to design a pool that completely suits your family’s needs. You can visit to know more about these containers and to see which style and size would suit your taste.

Mobile Storage Unit

mobile-storageAny business, which requires a lot of moving will certainly benefit from this. A good example of such is an event planning business. Event planning services handle different clients with different venues in mind. With a storage container, you can now have all your supplies and equipment in one place while also serving as your base for your operations. You can bring your mobile storage unit with your equipment to the event site without much hassle.

As the event ends, you can store them all back to the unit without tiring yourself for the second time just to bring them to somewhere for storage. The best part of having a mobile unit is that it allows you to keep track of the inventory with ease since you have all possible supplies in one place.

Farm in a Box

The innovations mentioned above suggested that it is now possible for individuals to own a home and start a business with just storage containers to create the buildings’ structure. Such concept, when applied to other situations may prove possible.

Indeed, it is which is proven with the high-tech mobile farms that are available today, which is the innovation we liked most on the list. Like the rest of the innovations, using storage containers to create your own farm is much cheaper than operating a standard one.

You can also choose the size of farm-in-a-box you prefer, which starts from 10 to 40 feet. We find that this solution is ideal for places where growing fresh produce is difficult. To conclude, not only can you use storage containers to build a garden shed or farm storage today. It is now also possible to grow plants in them and build your own farm with these steel boxes.

Storage Container Shops

These vessels play an important role in the retail industry, especially as a storage place for overstocked items or for retail owners buying in bulk. However, the use of these containers in this industry has recently grown into building materials for retail shops itself. A good proof of this is the known PUMA City, a German brand store, which has already travelled from Stockholm to Boston. The store itself uses 24 storage containers to create its 3-floor retail space, which can be disassembled for transport.

So, yes, storage containers bring in more investment opportunities, ones that give start-up business owners something to differentiate their offerings from competitors. Added to that, start-up business owners or people with great ideas can easily take advantage of these vessels since they are inexpensive.

Also, if you truly want to make an investment of these containers, our experts at suggest that you do it now. Their use is expected to boom further in the coming years, considering their expanding purpose in business and even architecture and agriculture. You may visit us at to know more about the available options.

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